Weather is still not taken seriously enough in respect of Business Continuity Planning.....

The Otago Daily Times recent article highlighted the need for SME's to take Business Continuity Planning serious after a recent study highlighted the risks.

"A recent study of the longer-term impact of the Christchurch earthquakes on local business found they were unable to recover when they ceased trading for months, even though there was no physical damage to their business.

Businesses that had planned to handle a disaster event would significantly improve their chances of a successful recovery, she said.

In the US, nearly a quarter of SMEs closed after a heavy storm but preparing a business continuity or resilience plan was not often given the priority it deserved."

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Be Prepared: Emergency Communications

Mesh Mobile.jpg

Mesh Mobile Technology

An interesting article from ITP Techblog on mesh mobile technology that could prove valuable in a major disaster.


I've also attached a link to the actual Serval Project website and interestingly I see they are preparing for an exercise with the New Zealand Red Cross - read more......