What would you do in an earthquake?


In light of the 1st Anniversary of the Earthquake in Nepal and the recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador. Do you know the procedures to follow when experiencing an earthquake?

During the Earthquake:

1) If indoors, stay indoors. Crawl under sturdy furniture and hold onto it. Stay away from windows and glass.
2) Do not use candles, matches or and open flame.
3) If outside, stay in the open. Keep away from buildings, trees and electrical wires.
4) If in a vehicle, stop. Stay inside until the shaking stops.


After the shaking has stopped

1) Check you area for possible falling debris and if it looks safe to leave follow your building's evacuation plan.
2) If there has been falling debris, call out and see if anyone is trapped or hurt and provide assistance.
3) If leaks occur, report them to the Building Management Company. Stay out of buildings until the officials indicate it is safe to return.
4) Be wary of aftershocks.