Heavy Rains and Flooding Hit the Middle East Again, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Affected

Daily life was put on hold in Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital, on Sunday as heavy rain caused flooding forcing roads to close.  One person was killed and several are missing.  The government asked people to stay at home and many Universities, shops and offices were closed.  It is a rare occasion for such weather to hit the capital however Jeddah has seen severe flooding on several occasions over the last few years.

Looking at the attached weather map  from The Weather Channel (below) it looks like Kuwait is in for a bit of a battering over the next few days.  Here is our advice for such extreme weather conditions.

  • Be wary of fast moving water.  Water six inches deep can knock someone off their feet and two feet of water can move a vehicle.
  • Do not try to cross flooded areas either by foot or vehicle.  Flash floods cause very fast moving water with devastating power.  Flooding also covers hazards and manhole covers could have come off.
  • Stay away from underpasses.
  • If flood waters start to enter your premises, be aware of electrical shock.  Turn off electricity, water and gas.
  • Make sure you have clean drinking water.  Preparations could include filling jugs and saucepans. Water systems may have become contaminated as a result of flooding, boil water.
  • Collect blankets, torch, first aid kit, medication and food.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching flood waters, it may be contaminated.
  • Listen to the authorities if they recommend evacuation follow their advice.
  • If you are evacuating, remember to take your medication and important papers with you.
  • Move pets upstairs and remember they may be afraid of lightening and thunder.
  • Check on vulnerable neighbours.