Why no Client Logo's on our Web Site

Some visitors to our web site may wonder why do do not have client references and logos our our web site.

The reason for this is that we have strict confidentiality clauses in our Statements of Work with clients which restricts our publication of the work we have carried out for them.  Much of the work that we do is often quite sensitive, for example organisations do not like to make public that their disaster recovery plans were inadequate or where their secondary recovery locations are.  So it is necessary for us to remain silent on the work we have carried out.  Often I find this very frustrating as we have carried out some large and complex work for our clients who have been very happy with the final result and we cannot blow our own trumpet.  Suffice to say that much of the work we get is through word of mouth and references from previous clients.

We also believe organisation's logo are an important thing for an organisation and should not be used freely. 

If however anyone wants references as to the work we have carried out then we are only too happy to provide this. 

Sam Mulholland, Managing Director