BCM Conference - Wellington 28-29 June 2012

Sam Mulholland, our Managing Director, was delighted to have chaired the BCM conference in Wellington in June 2012.   The line up of speakers were excellent and there were many BCP professionals in the audience.  Many attendees commented on the ability to work together and share information and experiences and as a result many lessons have been learned. Consequently the feedback from the conference has been most positive.

Like so many disastrous events when the Queensland floods happened another event occurred at the same time resulting in the Crisis Management Team having to deal with not one but two events.   The other interesting point was that they formed salvage and insurance team from their admin and finance staff because all the other operational personnel were engaged in the actual recovery of water systems.

For the Christchurch events there was some interesting events for example:  

  • Stock levels in retail shops meant nothing.  This was because with other similar shops damaged and closed there was double the foot traffic in the existing shops and so their stock levels depleted quickly.

  • The logistings of getting materials to Christchurch was a major exercise because of the shortage of road and rail transport.

  • Specialised materials, such as warehouse shelving were in short supply, not so much because of the earthquake in Christchurch but because of an earthquake in South American which had acquired all the spare shelving.

  • The importance of social media was emphasised by one expert speaker  "Ignore social media in a disaster at your peril" was the statement.  Standby has certainly taken this on board and will be working with our clients to ensure they know how to get the maximum benefit out of social media in a disaster.

  • The other speaker to impress was the Public Affairs Manager from Christchurch City Council who started off by saying when the earthquake hit, she had only one phone in her team, no computers, no printers, no web site, no office, desk and they were outside and it was raining - how was she going to communicate with the news meda to get informatioin out to the public of Christchurch.  Sobering thoughts and somehting BC planners should think about.

Overall an excellent conference and it was so encouraging to get such positive feedback.  Lets look forward to the next one.