How Will Climate Change Affect Your Business

With the evacuation of whole towns in Canada due to wildfire, the highest global temperature recorded in April (NASA), extreme drought in Southern Africa andIndia and now the pre-monsoon rains in the Bengal Basin which are predicted to produce intense tropical cyclones as the sea surface temperatures across South Asia at near record levels of between 1C-2C above average.  All this is leading to higher sea levels with the “the last two decades have seen global sea level rise more than twice as fast as it did in the 20th Century” as found by a study carried out in 2016

How are businesses going to fare now and in the future?  We are already seeing the global impact this is having on production/manufacturing/supply etc. Examples of recent news headlines......

• Canadian oil producers warn of supply shortfalls after wildfire
• Drought and rising temperatures 'leaves 36m people across Africa facing hunger'
• India to 'divert rivers' to tackle drought
• Evan Hutchinson, a business consultant in Ames, Iowa, who has a meteorology degree, says, "Everyone is asking which businesses will be affected by climate change when we should be asking, 'Which businesses won't?' It's really hard to identify any industry that won't be impacted."

What are you doing to prepare for the future?  Businesses most likely to be affected by global warming are businesses relating to commodities;  that rely on water and tourism.