Cyber Security is a Global Responsibility

Standby recently participated in a Cyber Security Forum arranged by the BIBF.  It stressed the importance of being proactive in your response to the rise in Cyber attacks globally.  There are many products out there that help you stay ahead of the game.  If you would like any further information on these please do not hesitate to contact us.


BIBF thanks Standby Consulting for presenting at recent Cyber Security Forum

Sam Mulholland, Standby's Managing Director, recently presented at the Cyber Security Forum arranged by the BIBF.  The forum was an opportunity for all vendors to get together share information and recent advances in Cyber Security.  The timing could not have been better as this followed on from the weekend of the first WannaCry cyber attack.  

Some compelling arguments were put forward and for me, personally, the following stood out:-

  • Cyber Security is not only the responsibility of IT.
  • Cyber Security needs Senior Management and Board level buy in.
  • A company can be either defensive i.e. reactive to an attack or....
  • A company can be pro-active in their approach and use tools such as Threat Hunting; Digital Forensics, End Point Detection and Response (EDR) etc. to get a higher level of protection.
  • A company requires a "Cyber Plan" in place because it was agreed and stressed by all the presenters it is not a matter of "if" it happens but "when" and generally Cyber Security is not addressed separately within general BCM Plans and it needs to be. 
  • Companies need a good IT governance policies in place. 

There are a lot of new IT solutions out there, the difficulty arises in determining which is best for your company?  Forums like this can be very beneficial in that it gives companies the opportunity to collaborate and come up with better solutions and responses to the particular threat they face.  Howev

er none of this can be accomplished without Senior Management and Board level buy in.  IT personnel can attend workshops/forums/conferences forever a day but if they are not being heard changes and improvements can't be made.

If you should wish to review the script presented by Sam please click below to retrieve