A modern organisation is a complex and dynamic mix of processes all of which are orchestrated and controlled by people. During and immediately following a disaster, management of personnel and re-establishment of these processes becomes a critical part of Business Continuity Management. The Business Impact Analysis identifies these processes and highlights the order in which recoveries needs to be prioritised.

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process identifies the key business functions, financial exposures and the preferred timeframes in which services need to be re-established. 

Regardless of how well you understand your organisation and its business processes, it is important to;

  • Seek expert knowledge about all areas of the business so this can be incorporated into the plan
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the complex interactions that take place within your organisation 
  • Assist people within the organisation to understand and support the need for business continuity. Their involvement and contribution is important in order to absorb business continuity management processes and outcomes into the organisation's culture.

Standby can provide specialist services for BIA work. For further information on our services, please contact us.