Data Centre and Computer Room design and construction is a very specialised job. The design of a Data Centre has to meet the business requirements, have the infrastructure to support those business requirements and be workable for IT personnel. The Data Centre is the hub of information and processes for most organisations and it therefore needs to be well designed and constructed to ensure it meets the requirements of an organisation. Standby have designed and project managed many Data Centre builds throughout the world for companies in numerous different industries.

In the risk assessment work that Standby carries out as IT DR consultants we have reviewed many Data Centres and have therefore seen both good and not so good designs and builds.  Standby consultants are also experienced Data Centre managers who have, themselves been involved in the building and running of their Data Centres, giving us insider knowledge into how a Data Centre operates on a day to day basis.

Standby offers consultancy to organisations, acting on behalf of the client to offer independent advise and ensure the construction and technical teams involved complete their roles in a timely and cost effective manner to the highest possible standard.  

Standby's consultancy services on Data Centre design and construction include;

  • Advice on design, layout and room construction
  • Site selection
  • Assistance with documenting RFP specification requirements and supplier selection
  • Calculations for heat and loading requirements
  • Air conditioning
  • UPS
  • Fire protection
  • False flooring
  • Site security
  • Project management.

Standby keeps up to date of emerging technologies and trends in computer room design.

For More information, take a look at our Data Centre design and construction brochures.