Standby offer fully customized and flexible training activities for organisations of all sizes. These have been designed from years of experience in a wide range of sectors. Our training sessions are always tailored to fit your organisations specific needs but can also be aligned with key international certification bodies if required.

Training has become a very popular service due to its importance in ensuring a plan’s effectiveness. All personnel within an organisation should understand what plans are in place and expectations of them before, during and after a business interruption. Standby training sessions facilitates this knowledge and ultimately brings a plan to life.

To ensure any plan is practical, meets the strategy criteria and can be easily followed by staff, a testing program needs to be developed and implemented.
— Business Continuity Planning: Maintaining Good Testing Practices, InSide GartnerGroup

Even if Standby has not been involved with the development of your current BCP we can still plan and carry out effective workshops and training activities to test and enhance existing plans and improve personnel awareness of BCP’s throughout your organisation. 

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Embedding Plans into an Organisation

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is an ongoing process which involves working with all types of different staff members and departments throughout an organisation.

Standby currently run a number of contracts in which we maintain, support and embed plans within an organisation. With extensive experience in BCM, we at Standby believe this is a highly effective method of achieving a more realistic recovery strategy as it allows for a deeper understanding of an organisation.

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