IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Standby has many years experience in the IT Disaster Recovery field, having planned for and managed many IT crisis activities over the years as well as overseeing and carrying out many IT DR testing exercises and IT DR system fail over tests for clients. Standby’s IT DR clients range from small offices to large manufacturing and utilities sites to large international banking and financial organisations, all of whom have very different levels of IT criticality and infrastructure. Understanding the variety of each client’s and each industries’ needs is critical in developing a practical and cost effective IT recovery strategy and infrastructure.

Data centre Design and Construction

Standby have reviewed many Data Centers and have therefore seen both good and not so good designs and builds. Our consultants are experienced Data Centre managers who have, themselves been involved in the building and running of their Data Centers, giving us insider knowledge into day to day operations.

Standby's consultancy services on Data Centre design and construction include;

  • Guidance on design, layout and room construction

  • Site selection

  • Assistance with documenting RFP specification requirements and supplier selection

  • Calculations for heat and loading requirements

  • Air conditioning

  • UPS

  • Fire protection

  • False flooring

  • Site security

  • Project management.

Standby has worked on all sides of IT projects so is happy to also offer project management and oversight consultancy to organisations, acting on behalf of the client to offer independent advice and ensure the construction and technical teams involved complete their roles in a timely and cost effective manner to the highest possible standard.

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It is a pleasure working with Standby, they were flexible to tailor the escrow agreement to meet our requirements and once set up the process of updating escrow material is straight forward.
— Pete Cossey, President, Acarda Sales Technologies Limited

Information Technology Project Management

Besides the core business of Business Continuity Planning and data centre design and project management, Standby has also carried out project management for other IT related projects for clients. These include:

  • Design, construction and installation of Video Conferencing services including CISCO Telepresence

  • Network upgrade to CISCO ACI protocol and associated upgrade of network hardware and storage media

  • Installation of Wi-Fi network in large corporate offices

  • Research projects on all thing IT, including the archival qualities of various types of data storage

If you have a challenging piece of work that you need professional outside assistance, then talk to us.

Software Escrow

Standby offers an established and professional Software Escrow Service and has a number of clients who use our service. This service is only available in NZ where we can offer;

  • Guaranteed independence as a professional third party Escrow Agent (we do not develop code)

  • A professional, safe and secure storage environment and location 

  • All source code is stored in approved fireproof data safes

  • Standard Escrow Contracts

  • Competitive pricing.

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