Standby™ is a professional entity that has been providing specialist consultancy advice and services in Business Continuity Management and the enhancement of corporate resilience since 1996.

It is likely that unlikely things should happen.
— Aristotle

With a wide range of experience across all business sectors, Standby can assist and support your organisation in the development, implementation and maintenance of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans that meet internationally recognised standards.

Services offered by Standby include consulting, Risk AssessmentsBusiness Impact AnalysisPlan Development and DocumentationPlan Testing and Auditing. Other auxiliary services provided by Standby include Computer Room Design & Construction and Software Escrow Services.


Business Continuity Management


Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is now high on the agenda of senior management and executives' agendas and is increasingly becoming an integral part of an organisation's good business practice processes. By having a plan an organisation can minimize the impact of such an event on its personnel, assets, market share and finances.

Standby uses a comprehensive method of creating, testing and maintaining DRP and BCP documentation. 

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We create plans to suit your company’s needs. Our experience team specialises in tailoring plans using current and current industry standards.

Speciality consulting services

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Standby are specialists with many years experience in business continuity and disaster recovery.

We are able to offer custom consulting on the following;

IT services


Standby has spent more than 10 years developing and refining extra projects.

Using our expert knowledge and knowing the current industry requirements, we are able to offer specialty services to you;

Each of these different types of projects requires experience and know-how. We at Standby understand what is necessary, and we have the technical background and experience to follow it through.