A Plan must be maintained and reflect any changes that arise in the workplace. These changes would include new systems or business processes that have been implemented since the Plan was originally developed and any organisational or business re-engineering changes that may have altered the way the organisation conducts business.

Ongoing Support Contracts

Standby can help by providing an ongoing support contract. These contracts involve  the co-ordination of document updates, working with each department to ensure a timely and thorough update is achieved.  Depending on the contract we can also provide plan testing and exercises.  

The advantage of an ongoing support contract is that an organisation does not have to employee a BCP person as we fill this role.  With Standby the client has an assigned point of contact and also has the benefit of the input of the Standby team.  We can provide updates and guidance to managers and personnel along with a regular newsletters. 

Because we are a consulting company specialising in BCP and Crisis Management our contract clients have the advantage of learning from our experiences in dealing with critical events of other organisations. 

Standby monitors events and where we consider a client may benefit from security warnings or alerts we also advise our contract clients accordingly.

For more information download PDF: Ongoing Support Contract 
or please talk to us about ongoing support.