Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Ongoing Support Contracts

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that BC or DR planning is a one off event, and once completed, the plan can be put to the back of the filing cabinet to gain dust until a business interruption event takes place.

It is only when an event actually does then take place that it is found to be out of date and often therefore no longer an effective plan. It is Standby’s experience that in the ever changing modern business environment, even the most detailed plans can often become out of date and ineffective within 12-18 months. Regular review and ongoing updates are key to successful Business Continuity Planning.   

Standby’s ongoing support contracts ensure that BCP’s, DRP’s and other important business recovery processes are continually updated and improved, as well as helping to embed the plans and processes deeper and deeper in to the company over time. We ensure that your organisation is compliant with any current regulations as well as the international standards and recommendations. As BCP professionals, Standby are also always up to date with current industry trends and legislation, which is knowledge that is passed on to all Standby’s ongoing support clients.

If your organisation is unfortunate enough to suffer a disaster, depending on the event, Standby will attempt to provide additional resources to assist it’s clients wherever it can.

For more details, see our Standby Ongoing Support Contracts PDF