There is a need to identify the most likely events that could have an impact an organisation. For example, such events may be caused by natural, accidental or wilful incidents.

When conducting risk assessments, care needs to be taken to ensure that as many scenarios as possible are considered. While it is almost impossible to identify all possible risks that may threaten an organisation, risk identification requires specialist knowledge and skills that are outside the realm of most personnel employed within an organisation. Accordingly, it is highly recommended that independent advice is obtained from a professional risk assessment expert.

Risk assessments are carried out by Standby using a checklist developed from many years of practical experience and research. We balance our conclusions against what is appropriate to the client and the potential impact of the risk.

When developing our risk assessment reports we outline the exposures, list, classify and categorise our findings and make recommendations. 

We strongly recommend risk assessments are carried out on computer installations. Often it is the small problem or a combination of small problems that left unattended, leads to a major computer system outage and serious business disruptions. Within the Standby team we have specialists who have had a lot of practical experience in managing and operating computer installations and know the processes and procedures that should be in place to reduce risks to a site.

Please contact us if you would like information on the risk assessment options that Standby provide.