From the initial scoping meetings right through to the handing over of agreed deliverables I found Standby to be thoroughly professional in outlook and execution and their written output to be first class.
— Robert Wakefield Director – Hertel Bahrain and Qatar

Standby’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) processes follow international best practice resilience standards and guidelines such as Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII), the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), ISO 22301 and other similar standards. Through following these guidelines Standby creates bespoke BCM programmes and plans to fit your organisation.

Business Continuity Planning and other organisational resilience activities are now high on most board and senior management agendas and are increasingly becoming an integral part of an organisation's good business practice processes. By having effective resilience and BCM activities in place an organisation can minimize the potential impact of any unexpected incidents that take place on its personnel, assets, operations, market share and finances.

Resilience and Business Continuity Management is about protecting life, maintaining cash flow, protecting company assets and retaining customers.

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Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are carried out by Standby using checklists and activities developed through many years of practical experience and research. We balance our conclusions against what is appropriate to the client and the potential impact of the risk.

Business Impact Analysis

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process is critical when trying to truly understand an organisation and it’s critical services and activities. Standby will identify the key business functions, financial exposures and the preferred time-frames in which services need to be re-established. This detail not only helps to guide any potential recovery strategies but can often help to guide ongoing business strategy as a whole.

Designing and Documenting a Strategy

The Team at Standby are highly skilled in developing and documenting Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Plans. These strategies and documents are bespoke to the organisation and are developed through deep insight gathered throughout the business.

Developing a Plan

Standby's plans are simple to use, easily navigable and contain multiple checklists and pointers to ensure a quick and efficient recovery. Quality documentation that is easy to understand and navigate is often critical during any pressurised recovery activities.

Training, Testing and Embedding

Standby will develop and implement a testing program to ensure your plan is practical, meets the strategy criteria and can be eased followed by staff. Even if Standby has not been involved with the development of your current BCP we can plan and carry out effective workshops and exercises to test and enhance existing plans and also improve personnel awareness of BCP’s throughout the company. Click here for more information on our Plan Reviews.

The knowledge and experience of their consultants played an enormous part in developing a plan that met our needs and protected our business in the event of a major incident
— Mike Cunningham Executive Managing Officer – Jubail Water And Power Company (JWAP)

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