Business Continuity Management Software platforms provide organisational efficiency and savings through automation, measurement and consistency. They allow organisations to build comprehensive, practical and standards‐aligned business continuity plans and associated tools in an effective way. Providing features for workflow and updating as required under a dedicated and secure company accounts, BCM software can usually be hosted within a cloud platform or from your own premises.

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Standby Consulting is delighted to announce that we have partnered with UK-based Business Continuity software providers Inoni to provide clients with high quality, automated business continuity services. Inoni create highly adaptive business continuity software applications, providing three platforms for software, depending on size, complexity and budget. Together, we provide time-boxed and fixed-price projects that bring clients to a best-practice position quickly and affordably, with minimal fuss.

Inoni is delivered with a comprehensive suite of business continuity-related tools and materials that you can start to use immediately. It offers a unique ability to customise and configure, allowing your system to adapt, evolve and constantly improve. This means your BC management system can keep pace with change. It’s never a straitjacket and always fits the business Below are the three platform options:


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Recommended for organisations with fewer than 50 employees, Inoni Micro offers a simple, automated business continuity planning tool which clients can complete themselves, or with support from Standby Consulting, and generate a BCP document on demand. To ensure validity, each license includes a critical expert review of all submitted plans by Inoni.


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Recommended for organisations with between 50 and 500 employees, Inoni Essentials is a fixed-price and complete business continuity consulting service that elevates clients to a best practice position quickly, affordably and with minimum disruption. The project is delivered using Inoni business continuity software, which helps our consultants deliver results faster (usually within 6 weeks). It leaves clients with an automated business continuity system that they can either maintain themselves, or with support by Standby Consulting


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Recommended for organisations between 500 – 5000 employees, Inoni Pro offers clients a business continuity facilitation programme, getting them to a best practice condition and keeping it there. It’s an affordable alternative to keeping Business Continuity in-house and can be achieved a lot more quickly. Plus, it’s low risk - you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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