Companies that identify risks early, and take appropriate action, will adapt, survive and prosper.
— Andrew Hiles

The advantages of having a documented and tested recovery plan in place are;

  • A recovery will be quicker and more efficiently carried out
  • An increased likelihood of business survival - It has been estimated that only 6% of organisations that do not have a plan and suffer a significant data loss will remain operational two years following the occurrence of the event
  • An increased likelihood of meeting statutory and legal requirement
  • A possible reduction in insurance premiums, particularly if an organisation can demonstrate to its insurers that it has undertaken sufficient measures to identify and mitigate risks. A documented and tested recovery plan is recognised as being part of the  risk mitigation process
  • An organisation may experience an improved credit rating
  • May assist in securing business contracts with key customers i.e. by being able to prove to customers that an organisation will be able to continue operating or provide continuous supply of goods or services in the event of a crisis.