Standby™ is a professional entity that has been providing specialist consultancy advice and services in Business Continuity Management and the enhancement of corporate resilience for over 20+ years in the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia. Standby has the ability to cut to the core quickly and efficiently while maintaining the awareness for the uniqueness of each organisation.


Business Continuity and Organisational Resilience is what we do

Deep Industry Knowledge

Standby are working in the field all the time; by continually researching, training and working in the fields of business continuity, crisis management and disaster recovery, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge within our team. We also like to ensure that we are up to date with industry trends and regulations and enjoy opportunities to pass on all of this knowledge to our clients.


Standby is totally focused on providing the best advice to our clients. We focus on providing the best service for your organisation no matter what road that leads us down.

Balanced External Advice

Standby often finds its’ clients have different departments within their organisations wanting to follow different directions. Through listening to all parties, using tried and tested techniques as well as current industry trends, Standby will always try to give its most educated and impartial advice where needed within client organisations..

Effective Management Reporting

Standby is proficient in writing professional reports that cover complex issues. We pride ourselves on producing reports and presentations that are clear, concise and easy to understand. 

International Presence

With offices and consultants based in multiple destinations throughout the world including New Zealand and the Middle East, Standby has significant experience delivering internationally and is happy to take on clients and projects in most countries and regions.

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