Disaster Recovery Plans for Otago & Southland

Following the Christchurch earthquakes, New Zealand insurance companies have been asking companies and organisations “where is your disaster recovery, business continuity or crisis management plan”.  Many organisations think that insurance is their recovery plan, but that is not the case.  All that insurance does is provide a source of financial support.  Ask the businesses in Christchurch how effective insurance was in getting their backup tapes and other critical data from the red zone.  No effect at all!

Standby Consulting is a Dunedin based company and we have consultants based in Dunedin and Central Otago.  Our consultants are internationally certified, have worked in New Zealand and overseas and have many years of experience.  Standby can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the south of the South Island .  Our plans are modified to suit the size and operation of your business.  Standby are known for our down to earth, practical and pragmatic approach.

We can provide Crisis Management Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Recovery plans or audit your existing plans.  We can also provide ongoing support contracts, which will maintain your plans and keep them up to date.

So take advantage of the local support and knowledge that is available right here in your province.    Call Janet Jones on 021 271 9467 or contact us at Info@standbyconsulting.com.